Arrowood Environmental Group: Savannah Environmental Consulting

Arrowood Environmental Group, Inc. was founded on one fundamental principle;

  • Forging Strong Relationships with our clients by providing Superior value-added services.

Why the name Arrowood?

When Arrowood began, we searched for a unique name. We wanted to avoid the generic alphabet soup names adopted by other consulting companies. We wanted a name that was a symbol of the company’s founding values that tied the company closely with the community it serves. We chose this name from the Southern Arrow-Wood plant that is indigenous to the eastern coast of the United States. This versatile plant’s common name refers to the Native Americans use of the strong, straight young stems as arrow shafts. The Native Americans would cut arrow shafts over and over from the same plant, testifying to the plant’s hardiness and strong root system. Like this plant, Arrowood Environmental Group, Inc. is versatile in its capabilities. We value strong client relationships and are deeply rooted in the community.

As such, Arrowood has become one of the Southeast’s most respected environmental consulting firms. Arrowood has established a strong client base in southeast Georgia and coastal South Carolina.  Arrowood’s founding principals are natives of Savannah, Georgia where they currently reside with their families.

Our principals each have over 25 years experience in the environmental, health and safety fields. Arrowood Environmental Group is a federally qualified, veteran owned small business.